The Solution Delivery Practice works across sectors and pools industry experts, functional/technical and technology specialists along with search consultants.

India has been the most preferred destination for global captive centers / global in-house centers (GICs). In terms of the number of offshore centers, India accounts for near 50% of the world, and in terms of employment, India’s market share surges to as high as 80%.

But things are changing, with cost and diversification guiding global organizations to look to growth outside the popular Indian destinations. Some are turning to competing offshore locations like Manila and Krakow, while some are increasingly tapping nearshore centers like Jacksonville, Birmingham, Tampa and Belen. Those who want to continue with India are looking at tier-2 locations to expand their operations. Cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Visakhapatnam are the new favourites.

Symphoni HR is ahead of the curve – led by our Offshoring and Shared Services (OSS) Practice – which actively manages search mandates for more than 15 clients currently. Our Sector and Practice specialists come from IT and BPM outsourcing companies, search firms as well as core sector and product companies.

For mandates in Business Process, mandates in the OSS delivery model are managed by Sector Teams – including Investment Banking & Consulting (IBC), Global Banking & Reinsurance (GBR), Engineering R&D (ER&D), and Consumer Media & Telecom (CMT). IT mandates are led by our Technology Services Group (TSG).

Tech services continue to grow as more sectors integrate cutting-edge technologies into their business processes, the world moves to automation and artificial intelligence, businesses start using blockchain for contracts and in other areas, and the IT ownership model evolves into a service one. Global technology market spending has grown to USD 3.8 trillion from pprox.. USD 2.8 Trillion in the past 5 years, and this trend is only going to accelerate.

India, already a major global exporter of IT services – will also participate in the global growth. The Indian IT industry market size – at near $150 Billion in 2019, is expected to nearly double to USD 300 Billion 2025. India has already become the digital capabilities hub of the world with around 75% of global digital talent present in the country.

Symphoni HR’s Technology Services Group (TSG) covers all the ground here and then some. We are a future-ready team of 30+ professionals who manage search mandates for more than 20 active clients – global product firms, IT/ITES firms and IT divisions of large corporates. Everything from IoT, Robotics/ Drones, AR/VR, AI platforms and applications, big data/ analytics, enterprise social software, next gen security, microservices, Xaas (everything as a services) and blockchain come under our scope.

Market Intelligence Group @ Symphoni HR is tasked with tracking and researching industries and companies as well as business functions and competencies to build a forward-looking view of the talent in the marketplace. The team undertakes thought leadership publications and talent pool research for clients.

The group also creates and maintains databases of talent pools in various business functions across companies and industries and track their movement across functions and organizations. The team achieves this through a mix of candidate surveys along with primary and secondary research, and Symphoni HR is able to develop several offerings for our clients.

Our Industry Research Subscription Service (IRSS) is a plan that provides monthly (or at regular intervals) reports on various trending topics in the Talent Acquisition landscape for various business functions and sub-functions in an industry group.

Bespoke Research is a tailored solution, where we provide a tailored research product as requested by our clients. We also offer Research Day and Research Seat plans to our clients. While Research Day plan gives access to a specific number of days that our research professionals will for clients’ projects, the Research Seat plan offers secondment of a research professional on our payroll at the client site.

Samples of our report summaries are available in the Buzz section of the website. Our Advisory Services Panel (ASP) provides consulting solutions including Image Consulting for C-Suite and Senior Management. We also help in workforce planning, competency mapping, compensation benchmarking and location strategy for new set-ups or operation /team ramp-up plans of our clients.