The Industry Sectors Practice brings in domain expertise across sectors and collaborates with the Solution Delivery Practice along with search consultants.

Investment Banks have been facing many challenges since the global financial crisis. Growing regulatory oversight in a backdrop of breaches in compliance, frauds and rate fixings and allegations of terrorist financing have been plaguing the system at a time when other sectors have adopted automation and emerging technologies faster.

Playing catch-up to other sectors while facing headwinds of falling margins, uncertain geopolitics and sluggish economic growth have made the case for Offshoring to India even stronger.

Consulting firms have been facing their fair share of issues over the years ranging from allegations of malpractice allegations. Audit quality and insider trading. Risk Management and Governance have thus become increasingly important, as has the field of Forensics.

Our core business expertise lies across the business spectrum – in Quant Analytics Risk & Research, Finance Control & Reporting/ Compliance, Corporate Functions, Consulting/Legal, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Digital. Collaboration with our Technology Services Group as well as Offshoring & Shared Services solutions practice complete the circle, making us end-to-end search providers.

Global Banks and Reinsurance firms have seen modest growth in India over the years, except for select players. There are near 80 global banks and 10 global reinsurance firms in India at present, but many have a very limited presence in the country.

As the Banking and Financial Services sector adapt to and adopt cutting edge technologies and Fintech / InsureTech / RegTech in their business models, companies in the sector will need talent that is getting increasingly challenging to search. Roles in digital, artificial intelligence, machine learning will, as a result, be in high demand. And the need for increasingly stringent regulatory oversight will drive demand for talent in risk management, analytics and quantitative modeling, control, compliance and reporting. Restructuring and Change-the-Bank roles are also being seen across the board.

Symphoni HR is in a unique position to deliver value to our client’s search to find talent for business functions that are unconventional and challenging. Partnership between our teams from BFS, Technology Services Group (TSG) and Offshoring & Shared Services (OSS) brings a unique mix of domain and talent market expertise.

The ER&D sector is growing faster than the core IT sector business as global companies across industries set up research hubs. Several industrials, telecom and automotive firms have been setting up R&D centres, with about 40 R&D centres set up in 2019 alone. The sector is also set to ramp up employee numbers by 40% to 1 million plus by 2025.

With emerging roles of data engineers, data/decision scientists and software architects and developers, Symphoni HR is in a unique position to deliver value to our client’s search. Partnership between our teams from Engineering sector, Technology Services Group (TSG) and Offshoring & Shared Services (OSS) brings a unique mix of domain and talent market expertise.

Medicine and health care has now moved to technology in areas where companies are building products like wireless brain sensors, artificial organs, precision medicine, among other, alongside services like telehealth, robotic surgery and CRISPR.

In India, medical technology has been identified as a bright sector and is expected to touch USD 9.6B billion in 2022 and the Government has recognized this sector as a 100 per cent FDI sector. India is already one of the top 3 countries for FDI by MediTech global players. Many foreign majors have invested in the space, while a few domestic names are gaining ground.