QWANT – Quant Women are Now Trending. Diversity Initiative for Quant & Analytics Roles

Let’s call it QWANT now people….. High time! I came across this article yesterday about a 2012 stat that put women at 8% of the global quant universe. And it got me thinking… is the situation very different now?

So I am happy to launch the Program @ Symphoni HR…. now! ***Even if my my clients don’t have a job for you, I will send you in the right direction! My team will talk to you and guide you…

***Men are invited and we will help you guys in finding jobs too, but there is a have to take up mentorship of a junior diversity candidate!

***QWANTS that don’t need a job should call us as well… to guide us one knows better than you…

***Academic you charge a preferential fee for women? You should… ! We invite educational partners to get in touch with us too!

***There are groups globally for women in quantitate methods and there even some competitions? What about here? Any ideas?

What do you guys feel? Hit me up and give me more ideas…

I just had a mini-Jerry Maguire memo moment last night and wrote this up but I sure won’t be fired for you know what I mean.

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